Artemis is the name that has been chosen for the lodge that has now been formed as she was the Greek Goddess of Hunting which is appropriate for a shooting sports lodge.

The founders of the lodge have all come from the SMSSA so there is a stong association between the two organisations although, of necessity, they stay separate. The lodge is open to any freemasons who have an interest in shooting or those who would like to join freemasonry.

Some of the key elements of the Lodge are as follows:

  • It has a strong sporting theme with the dress code as for a formal shoot.
  • Regular meetings are held at the Masonic Centre in Chichester.
  • There are four meetings per year, on the 2nd Tuesday in February, April, September and November (Installation).
  • Where possible wives and partners are invited to attend, we will hold at least one white table event each year.
  • The meetings will be arranged to make them easy to attend for busy people, and those with young families.
  • Initial and ongoing costs will be kept to affordable levels.

2019 will be the first year for the lodge and there are several offices that are not yet filled. If you find this appealing, or would like to discuss the plans for the lodge in more detail just contact David Thornley through this web site but do get in touch without delay as plans are moving ahead quite swiftly.

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