Here are the results for the shoots so far in 2020:
Keith Lintott5744

Jeanette Burgoyne4444484445413843347
Andrew Gilham
Brian Field49374640483343296

Jes Simmons5858

Steve Harris50
David Thornley423531433638225

Chris Beck252954
Pete Wakeford4649404131207

Chris Holmes58565457605146382
John Potter2828
Dexter Williams 32253836131
Fred Palmer434452454340267

Tom Adams171532
Lee Brewis121224
Matt Foyle 43
Tony Coles
Geoff Sparks453277
Les Palmer2727
Steve Gay463581
Tim Hill151631
William Bodey2323
Tony Hanlon77
Lee Booth4141
Adrian Kneller3636
Campbell Miles3636
Sue Lintott2828
Chris Dean111122
Mark Lee545251157
Chris Tellwright514847146